Super Simple 45 minute Tutu

The DIY Tutu I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Baby wearing a tutu in a chair

Earlier in the month we received several cute little Valentine’s Day onesies for Mareena from our neighbor and I promised I’d take some pictures of her strutting her stuff in them. So I figured a tutu would be just the thing needed to set off the outfit. I knew I wanted it to match the onesies but Mareena doesn’t have many tutus. Two max.  Even after I tried my hardest to stop everyone else from buying them for her. Now look, I am the one literally making them for her. Ha! Talk about a 180! Anyways, I decided to go to Michaels and pick up some tulle to try my hand at tutu making. I was totally surprised at how little time this took and how well it turned out! I didn’t have a game plan or pattern to follow. I just figured I’d wing it and see how it went. Well, steps and materials are below if you want to try it for yourself! 


A pair of scissors


This only requires 2 materials. Tulle and Ribbon. 

Tutu making materials

I used pre-cut tulle from Michaels in red and white. After I cut that in half I grabbed the white ribbon from my stash and started working. 

Step 1. Cut ribbon to desired length. It needs to be at least long enough to wrap around the waist and tie a bow in the back! 


Step 2. Take your cut tulle and tie them in halves onto the ribbon. I doubled mine up. 

Step 3. Keep tying until you’ve got enough tulle on the ribbon to make the entire loop around the waist. Here you can play around with the color pattern if you are using multiple colors. I used a color pattern of six red ribbon bunches then alternated to three white ribbon bunches. 

Step 4. Find your little model and tie it up! 

That’s it! 

This took me about two Netflix episodes of “You” to complete. Which means it could have been much faster had I actually focused.

This is super simple and could be done for any occasion. I just might make one for every holiday! For more DIY inspiration, join me on Instagram or Facebook.

I’d love to see your creations.  Share them with me by using #MadeWithMrsCraftee.

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