10 Essential Items For Your Summer Splash Pad Readiness Bag

Now that summer has officially kicked off, it’s time to put on those swim suits and head to the nearest water attraction!

I’m talking about local splash pads!!

Splash pads are all the rage and the play date spot to visit when it’s above 90 degrees and you’ve got little ones with lots of energy.

What the heck is a splash pad anyways?

Splash pads are a perfect alternative to the pool. They are usually public play areas that consist of water spouts or ground nozzles that spray water. There is very little to no standing water. This eliminates the need for an on duty life guard and the worry of drowning. Perfect for those who have little ones who’ve yet to take swim lessons or become comfortable in larger amounts of water.

This is totally where we are at with mareena so we plan to hit up all the splash pads this summer so she can find her confidence being around water.

With that said I’ve complied a list of all the things we pack in our diaper bag to ensure we are prepared for a trip to a splash pad any given day!

1. A towel for each child. They also are great for using as a blanket/seat to grab a spot on the grass

2. Sunscreen. Try to apply before getting to the park. It’s already hard enough to apply without the excitement of fun in the background.

3. A hat for extra sun protection.

4. Water shoes. Sometimes the pads can be slippery so give the little ones a little added grip to cut down on accidental slips/falls.

5. First-aid kit. There’s always a few cuts or boos when everyone’s running and having fun.

6. Dry clothes (an extra pair from what they wear there).

7. Snacks. All that play will surely work up an appetite. Just be sure to eat it outside of the water play area.

9. Water proof camera to capture all the cute moments.

8. Water bottle to stay hydrated.

10. Ziplock/grocery bag for wet suits or clothes.

If you have these 10 items you are guaranteed to be prepared for whatever’s thrown at you on those summer splash pad adventures. Maybe except for a cranky toddler who refuses to go in the water. I haven’t figured out how to be prepared for that one yet 🤔.

For all my Raleigh and surrounding area mommas check out this link for a list of splash pads, lakes, and pools in the area from visitRaleigh.com.

To find out more about your local splash pads rules, regulations, and locations visit your city’s parks and recreating website. Raleigh’s is here.

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