Dandelion Tea

Yumm Dandelions! You know, those bright cheery yellow tufts that pop up in everyone’s yard at the first break of winter. Those flowers that tend to be loathed by homeowners and grass enthusiasts alike. 

Long long ago those tough as nails “weeds” were actually revered. So much so that they were imported here and widely grown for their flower, leaves, and roots! So what in the world changed from then to now? Money!! Money and cultural views on wealth statuses. Apparently, if you were able to maintain a large swath of unproductive land you were seen as wealthy and a person who took pride in the ownership of that land. Wow, seems a bit backwards to me, but it is what it is.

However, the benefits of this multifaceted plant have not changed at all and I feel like many people, including myself, are coming back around to this beneficial perennial. Here’s why!

The greens pack a crazy high nutrient punch. They are high in iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. When consumed as tea it can be a great substitute for coffee, aid in digestion, and possibly even have anti-cancer properties.  

So of course, me trying to live life a little simpler and learning to work with what nature provides us I thought it was high time to go foraging for some dandelion and try out this glorious nutrient packed beauty 

Dandelion Tea Recipe: 

Rinse dandelion flowers to remove dirt

½ cup of fresh dandelion flowers

8 oz. of boiling water

Add loosely packed dandelion flowers to tea strainer

Pour boiling water over flowers 

Let steep for 5 to 10 mins

Enjoy as is or add a sprinkle of sugar. Try it iced too!!


    • Tiayonna Liska says

      Thanks, and yes it is said to aid in decreasing seasonal allergies when you consume the leafy greens of the plant.

    • Tiayonna Liska says

      Thanks! Yes, that’s the best part. They are fairly available to most if you go foraging but just be sure its not in a place that might have been sprayed with herbicide.

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