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 Now, if there’s one thing I could never get enough of it is traveling! I love going to new places, learning about different cultures, seeing wondrous sites, and chowing down on new foods. I owe this love of travel mostly to my hubby, who is much more versed in this area than I. My traveling journeys have only just begun and it’s great that I have someone to enjoy them with. Here I’d like to share my thoughts, discoveries, and pictures of new places I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore. Check them out. Let me know what you think. We are always looking for our next adventure before the last one ends so suggestion are always welcome!

Beach Onesie Wardrobe

The Liska family yearly beach vacation is upon us and I’m super excited to introduce this family tradition to our little one! My husband’s family has been taking summer trips to North Carolina’s Outer Banks beaches for generations, ever since his dad was a wee child. They even have their own commemorative fish on Jeannette’s […]


Favorite Picture From Trip: Destination: Salt Lake City, Ogden, & Huntsville, UT When: 10/01/15 – 10/03/15 Occasion: Eli & Erika’s Wedding Highlights of Trip: -Erika gave us a wonderful tour of the heart of Salt Lake City and its rich Mormon history. This was probably the highlight of the trip besides getting to witness a […]