Spooktacular Halloween Porch

I’m so happy it’s October! One, because my favorite holiday of the year is in this month and two, because I only have one more month until my birthday! Whoop whoop! But enough about me! Let’s talk about this awesomely scary front porch of ours!


Here’s the full frontal!

Front View

Cute or spooky!!?? I think a little bit of both! At least that’s what I was going for!

The front door has been styled to look like an angry monster. He has a mouthful of sharp teeth and all!

Front door monster

To the right of the door you’ll have the misfortune to spy a horrific scene of a witch brewing something up in her cauldron of doom. I hear her favorite ingredients are puss of boils, and infant appendages. (Haha not really. I may get a little too into it when it comes to Halloween.) This piece was a large scale silhouette cut-out I made with the assistance of my Cricut Explore. If you’d like to learn how to cut on such a large scale I’m placing a link to a video tutorial here. I found it very helpful.

Witch and brew

The bats were also cut on the Cricut. I used poster board material for both. Since the bats were placed outside I laminated them just in case I wanted to use them again or if it rained.

The hay bales, pumpkins, and wooden “BEWARE” sign were all used on the porch for our Fall décor. I just flip the “WELCOME” sign around, painted the wood bright yellow, and modpodged the “Bloody” font letters onto it!


For one last creepy touch I added some “spider nest”. That’s what I call them. Its actually just cheese cloth strategically ripped to give a worn and tattered look. Then, I hot glued about 150 little black plastic spiders on it!

Spider nest


Well ladies and gents, that’s our spooktacular Halloween porch for this year. I can’t wait to come up with something even better next year!

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