New Year, New Me, Same Goals

Well howdy Y’all! Man it has been a while since I’ve even logged in to my website. Shame shame on me, I know but I swear it was for good reason. It’s been pretty much a whole year since I’ve posted anything or even signed into my account! Why? Well, like the title suggests, last year was one hell of a year and lot of things happened that contributed to this new me. I usually don’t like when people use the phrase – New Year, New Me- mainly because I assume they are referring to the new year as a time to wipe the slate clean , put the past in the past, and becoming a person with a fresh start.

I ask myself……. Why in the world would you want to do that?!!!

While reflecting on this past year I realized that it is all the things you’ve done and learned in the past year and beyond that has, hopefully, made you a new person. Both the good and the bad of the previous year should have helped you grow into a more kind hearted, generous, cultured, experienced, and wiser person.

Boy did I have numerous experiences and life changes that has me walking into 2019 as a brand new human altogether!

From January 2018 through December 2018 the life experiences and opportunities to grow continued to roll in. For that I am extremely grateful and oh so anxiously looking forward to what this year will hold. Not to mention, discovering another new me on the other side of 2019!

A brief little summary of 2018 and a few goals, old and new, I have for this year:

January brought the biggest experience of the year. One that got me thinking if my chosen career path was actually right for me.

On January 8th I was thrown into the fire and given control of two high school Agricultural Education classes. Something that so excited, yet terrified me at the same time. During my semester long teaching internship I witnessed all the ups and the downs, the glory and anxiety/stress of being a high school teacher.

I approached the experience with much respect and viewed being a teacher a honorable, selfless career choice.  By the end of my internship, both the amount of respect and sheer awe I had of those teachers who put in overtime, spent their own monies, and invested their entire emotional selves into those children, had grown exponentially!  Mind you, I only taught two classes and spent HALF the day with my students and I left everyday physically and emotionally spent and would then go home to make sure lesson plans were ready to do it all over again the next day. It was quite exhausting, frustrating, and challenging!

The good news is it wasn’t all bad! I learned very valuable lessons, met some pretty cool people, both adult and student alike. Most importantly, it made me rethink about whether the high school teacher life was for me at this time… or ever!

The greatest gift from the experience is that it helped me decide to continue pursuing higher education so that I may have the opportunity to reach a larger scale of people and ones that might desire to be there a bit more. For that, I am thankful. I have grown 10x more than I ever have before!

Fast forward to later in the year. Late June, the hubby, I, and my in laws all traveled to the beautiful country of South Africa for a bit of fun exploring a new place.  Also, to run what is accurately advertised as one of the HARDEST marathons on the planet! This trip was an amazingly great, eye opening adventure. Most certainly one that will forever stay ingrained in my soul. From staying a few days in the most amazing, hodge podge city of Johannesburg with its shockingly modern New-York style skyscrapers set amongst the historically nostalgic, dilapidated buildings reminiscent of a darker time, to touring the incredibly saddening but pride evoking township of Soweto, known for its historical significance in the famous Soweto Uprising. Afterwards, we  ventured to the pleasantly wild Limpopo province which reminded me of my favorite childhood movie in every way possible – until that lovely, serene attitude got rocked by 42 kilometers of unbelievably savage, spirit breaking hell known as The Big Five Marathon!

After  being exposed to all of its wonders and history I undoubtedly became a more understanding, compassionate, more patient and confident human being ready to take on 2019 and all of its challenges!

And Oh will there be challenges to come, because in late July the hubby and I made the decision to work towards growing our little family. Something I think both our families thought was a long time coming ( lol, for like 4 years)!

In early August we received blood work confirmation that we were expecting, but waited a little while before spilling the beans. This sounds kind of silly but, we decided to wait until our first ultrasound appointment so we’d have photo evidence to show our parents because truthfully, I don’t think we even believed it lol!

Even at 6 months along we still catch ourselves wondering if this is really real and if we are ready. Just the other day I had to remind hubby that “technically” we are adults…… age at least, and that we “technically” should be able to raise another human being. Plus I think we  did okay with the pup!

To top off our crazy, beautiful, and challenging year, on Christmas morning we found out that we would be welcoming a precious baby girl to our family, which is kind of a big deal for us since she will be the first baby girl in both our immediate families. I currently have four adorable nephews and hubby has two precious baby boy cousins (as hubby is an only child his cousins are like siblings to him). It is certainly time to mix up all of this testosterone with a feminine touch. Not to mention, I am going to be in girl mom crafting heaven!


This leaves me here, in the first month of this new year reflecting on past challenges, amazing feats, and oh so wonderful surprises in order to regroup, put my best foot forward, and take on everything 2019 has to offer. Inevitably, growing once again and becoming a better me for 2020. So here are some old and some new goals for the year 2019.

My words of the year: Consistency, Focus, Organize  

All  of my goals can be categorized by one of these three words and they are definitely things I have grappled with in past years, but this year is the year I will get it together– I can feel it in my belly!

Work related goals

Stay on top of all projects and finish them as they arrive and do a better job of prioritizing, so I’m not scrambling and stressed as the due date approaches.

  1. Prepare everything necessary for a smooth, flawless (as possible) graduation ceremony and transition into next semester before I take maternity leave.  
  2. Mentally prepare for a hiatus from work and a return with plans of being ready to jump back in where I left of and hopefully with new departmental responsibilities.

Craft Related Goals

Declutter craft room and finish at least one of the many unfinished crafts I’ve accumulated each month.

  1. Sew something new each month. Preferably a cute little addition for baby girl to wear (but that might be a bit lofty lol).
  2. Add a little more personal life to my social media sites. I want people to get to know the whole me!
  3. Create a facebook group for fun and for sharing content/products not always shared on my site.

Personal Goals

Prepare to become a new mom, obviously!

  1. Work on staying connected to family and friends while simultaneously building up that support system for the changes occuring in my life.
  2. Take Self-care Sunday seriously. Take time for me!
  3. Lastly, Breath! Take this year one step at a time.

Wheww! That was a lot! Thanks for reading and I hope when we all find ourselves in this same spot next year, reflecting on the year we’ve had and planning for the next to come, that we find we have grown and are thankful for every opportunity we were given.

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