How to make 3D Paper Heart Garland

If you are looking for a sweet and simple touch to add to your valentines décor I highly recommend this super easy 3D paper hearts garland. My favorite part is that it adds a little bit of rustic flair with the use of jute twine! Get the details on how to make your own below.


Colored Cardstock or paper                                         JuteTwine

Elmer’s glue                                                                       Hotglue gun



1. Cut out heart shapes. I used two different sizes, 1 inch for the light pick (32 pieces) and 3 inch for the dark pink (32 pieces).

2. Fold all cut out hearts in half down the center, hot dog style.

3. Group four of the same size hearts into groups. One group will equal one 3D heart.

4. Out of the grouped heats, glue two of the four pieces together with Elmer’s glue. Repeat until all heats have been paired. Let dry.

5. Using the scissors cut eight 6-inch length strings of twine. Then eight 4-inch lengths of twine. Knot one end of each string.

6. Measure and cut a 6 foot length of twine for your garland string.

7. Once the half hearts are dry, take the knotted twine and place in the center of one half heart knotted end protruding from the bottom. Add some glue to the entire inside of the half heart and sandwich the twine with the second half of the heart. Repeat for remaining hearts. (Note: you may have to readjust the hearts to make sure they remain closed as they dry.)

8. Once you have all your 3D hearts together and dry, warm up the glue gun and affix your pieces to the 6 foot twine by wrapping a small portion of the heart twine around the garland string with a dab of hot glue to stick them to each other. I did a 2 inch spacing and alternated short strings and longer strings.

9. Once you are done you’ll have a super cute piece to display at home or at work, as I did below!

Enjoy crafty people!

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