Fall Porch 2019

This year I am running on E. I knew adding a little one to the mix would make things crazier,I just didn’t know how crazy!! Fall is officially here and not only have I decided to continue taking classes, but now I’m also teaching one.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining! I am super thankful for my sweet little baby girl that I get to come home to every day,  the opportunity to get teaching experience at the university level,and complete a whole graduate degree almost tuition free. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I’m just stressing! Just a tinsy winsy bit. Working full time, taking courses, teaching, caring for a five month old and still finding time for yourself is hard! So, since my workload was a little lighter this past weekend it was time for a little self care (because let’s be honest -it doesn’t happen as near as much as it should). 

My front porch is one of my favorite places at home to relax and it’s definitely the best spot to enjoy the wonders of the fall season.and I finally taken sometime to decorate it for the fall. I enjoyed drawing these plans out and getting the placement of everything just so. Now, when I come home, stressed to pieces, I get to sit on my handcrafted, fall, front porch, snuggle with my sweet little bubs, and take in the best things about fall- crisp air, crunchy leaves, the cozy smell of bonfires and the faint sounds of laughter and chatter floating on the wind.

Checkout how the rest of the front porch below!

Haybale, mini gourds, and flannel. Does that not scream fall is here? Even though it certainly does not feel like it with our lovely North Carolina muggy 90 degree days still.  I finished off the seating area with a couple of railing baskets, mums and a handmade pumpkin patch sign. It adds that little touch of cutesy to out small slice of heaven on the front porch. 

I’m in love with my new pumpkin patch sign! Its an old window with the mini panes knocked out and re-fitted with one big piece of  new glass. I added the vinyl decal and I think this thing may just earn a spot in our home permanently. Like the look? You can get this same print on canvas in the shop

Of course no front porch is complete without some type of living greenery. Mums or marigolds are my usually go to’s because I  love their colors which coordinate with fall so well. This year I decided to try something completely new to me! Trying to create a combination flower pot. I decided to try out some pansies because they do so well in the fall weather/shade and some beautiful ivy. I’ve long been a fan of ivy but just hadn’t worked up the guts to actually and plant some. I have this fear that once I plant it somewhere it may just grow out of control. Lol don’t ask me why I think that because I have no clue. 

I think I like them but I’m just disappointed they didn’t quite turn out how all those combo baskets turn out in the stores and in the catalogs. I feel like my main issue may be that I don’t buy enough plants. But yall, plants are expensive and I’m trying to be as budget friendly as possible. I’ll just have to start growing all my plants from seed.  Oh well, I’ll work on it for spring!

Finishing touches on this fall porch with some stacked pumpkins, the always trendy “Happy Fall Y’all” wooden sign, fall wreath and mums! I also experimented with stenciling a coir door mat for the first time. I’m not ecstatic about how it came out but I still think it’s kinda cute! I probably should have picked a thicker font for the “gourd-gous” part, but hey, they say hindsight is always 20/20. As long as you can read it I thought it was front porch worthy. Can you read what it says?

Welp, fall is here and I’m ready for all the fun that comes with it! What kind of fun fall activities do you do during the season? I’d love to hear you kid friendly ones and adults only versions. Because remember– Balance!


Mrs. CrafTee

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