Conversation Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I thought it would be fantastic idea to make cookies of an old Valentine Day favorite. Conversation hearts some how always end up in your goody bags on Valentine’s Day when you were a kid. I’ve never really cared to much for the taste of them but it was always lots of fun to read each candy, sort them out, and give them to the appropriate classmate or friend. Am I the only one that did that? Anyways, I don’t get conversation hearts now as an adult so I figured I’d just make my own. Some that I would really enjoy eating just as much as sharing!

What I used:

After baking and icing each cookie with royal icing I used stamps and edible markers to add the stamped sayings to each cookie.

The stamps and edible color makers worked well with the cookies as long as the icing had completed dried. I had a few that hadn’t dried completely and ended up cracking through the icing. These stamps are just a small set I purchased from Michael’s Craft Store.

After applying the perfect amount of ink to the stamp and a light touch the cookies turned pretty well.

I enjoyed making these childhood favorites but since I had quite a bit of royal icing left I decided to go ahead and make something else. Something a little more adult! Hehe

I saw these very cute lingerie cookies on Pinterest and I just had to try them! I told the hubby that I made him some edible underwear for Valentine’s day ! He about died when I showed him my lingerie cookies!!!! Hahahaha! I hope everyone has a wonderful love filled day!