Homemade Strawberry Snow Cream

We finally were blessed with enough snow this past weekend that actually stuck to the ground and was more than just ice. Mareena was so pumped to see actual snow, “just like at drammy’s house!” There was no way we were going to pass up this perfect snow, besides just playing in it.  Perfect snow […]

Dandelion Tea

Yumm Dandelions! You know, those bright cheery yellow tufts that pop up in everyone’s yard at the first break of winter. Those flowers that tend to be loathed by homeowners and grass enthusiasts alike.  Long long ago those tough as nails “weeds” were actually revered. So much so that they were imported here and widely […]

How to make 3D Paper Heart Garland

If you are looking for a sweet and simple touch to add to your valentines décor I highly recommend this super easy 3D paper hearts garland. My favorite part is that it adds a little bit of rustic flair with the use of jute twine! Get the details on how to make your own below. […]