Rustic Wooden Block Pumpkins

When you enjoy crafting with wood you tend to have lots of scraps laying around with no clue what to do with them. This is the perfect seasonal craft to do with any size scrap 4 x4 post. I just think they are just so darn cute!  Materials you’ll need:  Scrap wood ( 4×4 post) […]

Dandelion Tea

Yumm Dandelions! You know, those bright cheery yellow tufts that pop up in everyone’s yard at the first break of winter. Those flowers that tend to be loathed by homeowners and grass enthusiasts alike.  Long long ago those tough as nails “weeds” were actually revered. So much so that they were imported here and widely […]

Fall Porch 2019

This year I am running on E. I knew adding a little one to the mix would make things crazier,I just didn’t know how crazy!! Fall is officially here and not only have I decided to continue taking classes, but now I’m also teaching one. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining! I am super […]