Photography is such a wonderful thing! Its a great way to tell your story from a number of different perspectives. A photo can be very expressive, speaking a thousand words, or it can focus in on one profound and earth shockingly beautiful thing. The best part of the art of photography is that there are no creative limits. There are no set rules on how a picture should be taken, or how the final image should look. You just go with what you feel. This makes it very easy for one to find their own personal style. I’ve yearned to pick up a camera and start the creative journey that is learning the art of photography. I’ve decide that its time to stop dreaming about taking photos and just do it! All I need is my camera , some adorable but not always willing subjects  (family LOL), a little bit of confidence , and an internet full of vast knowledge to draw from . Looks like I have everything I need. So let the adventures begin!

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