I Love Baking

I’m all about being healthy and eating right but sometimes a girl just needs something sweet every once in a while! Baking is something I’ve enjoyed since I was a young child and it certainly hasn’t changed now that I'm an adult. Now, I just know a thing or two, and I'm willing to share with others more. My favorite is baking and decorating cookies! It would be awesome to own my own cookie business one day. Until then I’ll just be baking for friends and family and posting about them here! Enjoy!

Current go-to sugar cookie recipe: The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe by Laura Bashar at FamilySpice.com

Current go-to royal icing recipe for decorating: How to Make Royal Icing by SweetAmbs at SweetAmbs.com

Conversation Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought it would be fantastic idea to make cookies of an old Valentine Day favorite. Conversation hearts some how always end up in your goody bags on Valentine’s Day when you were a kid. I’ve never really cared to much for the taste of them but it was always lots of fun […]